Casa Badiola Golf House

Casa Badiola Golf House captures the soul of the Maremma landscape and wins the hearts of its guests with a genuine, authentic atmosphere, interwoven with that rare intimacy of  a real home, “Casa” in Italian.
Surrounded by the lovely colours of unspoilt nature, Casa Badiola Golf House came about to meet the needs of the travellers of the soul, those who  seek the opportunity to understand themselves and reveal their interior make-up, and the chance to discover and explore new places.

It is intended for families, who need space and intimacy at the same time, and demand the utmost comfort yet prefer relaxing informality.

For nature-lovers, who wish to immerse themselves in a landscape where Mother Nature still reigns supreme.

For those who are independent by nature, and reject all formalism.

For golf enthusiasts, who can make use of the green “in the back garden”.

For friends and those who love convivial pleasures, group holidays and seek plenty of space, modern conveniences and interesting new activities to try out together.

Casa Badiola Golf House is dedicated to all of them.