A short car ride from Casa Badiola are some of Italy’s loveliest beaches, stretching for 130 kilometres. This stunning section of the Tyrrhenian coastline  is traditionally awarded the "blue flag” each year due to the crystal-clear waters and the eco-sustainability of the coastal area. Le Rocchette, Cala Violina, Punta Ala and Le Marze are the best spots for a swim in water that is never the same colour twice.

Le Rocchette beach. 12 km from Casa Badiola, this amber-gold soft sandy beach is a true beauty spot in a delightful landscape, much of which is still a wilderness. At the back of the beach are bright-red cliffs that reflect the exceptionally clear water along this gently sloping coastline. Part of the beach is a bathing establishment, the rest has free access – in short the ideal place for swimming or just a refreshing paddle. The coast here is also ideal for underwater swimming and snorkelling, through the water is quite cold due to the many marine currents passing through. To get there, take the SP158 / SS322 from Castiglione della Pescaia and turn left at the junction marked to Le Rocchette.

Cala Violina beach. About 15 km from Casa Badiola, this beach is made up of tiny grains of quartz and its strangely evocative name derives from the sound made when you walk on the sand – that of a violin. The water here is extremely clear, against a dense backdrop of lovely Mediterranean macchia. To get to Cala Violina you have to follow a track on foot or horseback or by bike. The length varies from 2 to 4 km, depending on the actual route taken.

Le Marze beach. This long section of coastline, about 15 km from Casa Badiola,  stretches from Castiglione della Pescaia to Marina di Grosseto. This delightful golden sandy beach is several kilometres long, and partly bathing establishments, partly free access. At the back of the beach, sweet-smelling pine woods alternate with gently rolling dunes. We advise you to move away from the built-up areas and discover your own quiet section of beach. The sea is crystal-clear and the bottom sandy and gently-sloping. The absence of rocks makes this stretch of beach ideal for families, as well as windsurfers, surfboarders and kitesurfers. The beach can be reached from the coastal road running from Castiglione della Pescaia to Marina di Grosseto. The best place to park the car is at the 28 km mark. From there you can walk the 500 metres or so down one of the many paths leading to the sea.

Punta Ala beach. The beach lies at the southernmost end of the Gulf of Follonica, 25 km from Casa Badiola. This is one of the loveliest parts of the Maremma, thanks partly to the soft pale sand found here. The very long beach is partly occupied by bathing establishments and bordered by dense pinewoods. For those in search of peace, we recommend the beach at Punta Ala harbour, which is smaller and unspoilt, far from the madding crowd. The colours of the sea range from turquoise to pale blue and the water is clear enough to view the gently sloping bottom, the ideal place for swimming and paddling. Take the coastal road from Castiglione della Pescaia to Punta Ala and look out for the signs to the beach.

Marina di Grosseto. On the coast west of Grosseto, about 15 km from Casa Badiola, is a very long, wide beach that extends right up to Castiglione della Pescaia with numerous bathing establishments and sections of free beach in-between. A lush pine forest follows the coastline here. Sailing, kite-surfing and windsurfing are the most popular sports. The beach slopes very gently down into the water, the ideal spot for even tiny children to paddle in complete safety.